America's Heartbeats

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How to understand if we do not know each other? Starting from this question, Ariel Carlomagno crosses Latin America, with his team on his back. Without pretending to have obtained a concrete answer, it returns, however, with a collection of images that highlight a fundamental aspect of the richness of the continent, diversity.

The work proposes to the spectator to know a little more of each one, of each town, in order to achieve an approach, because how can we be a great united people if we do not know each other. The multiple cases of discrimination among Latin American peoples, which sometimes border on xenophobia, pose a problem that prevents this union that is so much a part of political discourse, but is immersed in the harshest daily reality: Chileans against Argentines, Guatemalans against Mexicans, Nicaraguans against Hondurans, Salvadorans against Costa Ricans. Why? What generates these feelings of hostility among those of us who should see ourselves as brothers?

Yes, we are different, but those differences are precisely the wealth of Latin America. That is the look of Carlomagno, who manages to capture the uniqueness of each people, highlighting the values of dedication, commitment and dignity of those who live in these lands. From the Rio Grande to Tierra de Fuego, passing through conglomerated urban areas, jungles and deserts. Seeking the interaction between men and the link with their natural environment, their streets and squares, their flora and fauna, their history, their customs and traditions. Looking for the enormous beauty of the people.